Theatrical Premiere at SARTR SARAJEVO

The Perfect cut - a comedy about the bitter experiences of today's people in the Balkans

DEPO Art 23.01.17, 22:26h

The Perfect cut - a comedy about the bitter experiences of today's people in the Balkans
Seemingly banal meeting turns into the stormy relationship, which is why a woman ... This is the beginning of the story the play of the Belgrade writer Vladimir Djurdjevic that the scene of Sarajevo SARTR directed by Jasmin Durakovic, while starring Admir Glamačak and Sead Pandur


"The perfect cut" is a comedy about the bitter experiences of transition in the Balkans. It happens before the New Year when unscrupulous businessman Marko Milun came to tailor Svetislav Schneider to patched trousers that he burst on the street. Seemingly banal meeting transforms the turbulent relationship between the two men, and what is the reason a woman.


But there is also a story of doom and bitter human destiny in a time when disappears whole previously known system of values in society.


The performance "The perfect cut" occurs after the text talented Serbian writer and dramaturg Vladimir Djurdjevic (Balada o Pišonji i Zugi, Ne igraj na Engleze,  Tri klase i gospođa Nušić, Bajka  o pozorištu) and directed by famous film director and playwright Jasmin Durakovic (Nafaka, Sevdah for Karim, The Final Barriere).


The roles in this piece play Admir Glamočak (Svetislav Schneider) and Sead Pandur (Marko Milun), while the rest of author team are Osman Arslanagić (production designer) and Lena Stevanovic (costume).


The show is a co-production of SARTR and UG Scena, while the executive producer of the show Amira Kudumović, senior assistant at the Department Productions ASU Sarajevo.


The premiere of this play, which will play in the regular repertory of SARTR, will be held on February 8. 

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