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Cabaret: No borders for the true love

DEPO Art 22.01.17, 23:27h

Cabaret: No borders for the true love
After the great success of the drama of the musical "Cabaret 2014" produced by independent art groups Belarte and directed by Jasmin Durakovic, the audience in Sarajevo will soon may watching a new performance of the same author team. "Cabaret: for a true love has no boundaries" premiere will take place at the National Theatre of Sarajevo February 2


The performance created by the motives of the cult American film "Cabaret" (1973) and through genre of the musical takes us an exciting world of the Berlin nightclub and in the time when fascism was entering and winning German society. About the play and motives for which he created this performance director Jasmin Durakovic says:

-    The search for perfection is the need and craving of every artist. When, as in the case of the film "Cabaret", this happens, then it becomes history and cult. As rarely, masters of Hoolywood from it's goldens time were able to connect at one place top Broadway entertainment, unforgettable camp masterpiece about the unpredictability of human relationships and cautionary tale about the victory of fascism over democracy between the two world wars in Germany.


All this was a starting initiation authors of projects backed by the growing youth art scene in Sarajevo. Starring in this project: Amina Hamzic, Elmir Krivalić, Aida Čorbadžić, Edhem Husic, Vanesa Glodjo, Mirza Salihovic, Stasa Dukic, Zlatan Školjić, Selma Štrbo Arnautovic and Iles Bechey. Costume designer is Lana Loncarevic, production designer Osman Arslanagić, choreography Diana Zilić, musical arrangements for the orchestra which plays live at the play are made by Nenad Tosic, while dancing is performed by ballet company Belarte. Nadza Pusilo (Belarte) is main producer of project.

Premiere performances will be held on February 02, 19.30, Sarajevo National Theatre. Watch the video!



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