Digital edition of the works of leading artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and SEE region

DEPO Art 22.01.17, 13:14h

Digital edition of the works of leading artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and SEE region
The most prestigious gallery in of contemporary art Charlama in Bosnia and Herzegovina is preparing large projects digital representation of over 100 domestic and from SEE region artists, which are exhibited in this gallery or their works are in the depot in the gallery


In the prestigious Gallery of Contemporary Art Charlama is these days very live and work. In addition to several large exhibitions and performance-and, team of gallery is in the implementation of the project Digital Charlama Collection. It is a multimedia project to create a digital collection of works of artists who have performed or have their works in the gallery's holdings. It is known Charlama owns significant collections featured contemporary artworks currently traded from BiH and SEE region , primarily due to long-term work of its artistic director and curate, our well-known contemporary artist Jusuf Hadžifejzović. About this project says:


- We are currently processing and digital archiving works that are currently in the gallery, and well over 100 artists and over 250 works. In the next phase of the digital collection also includes works that are not currently in the gallery.



Known Bosnian photographer Almin Zrno, together with colleagues Amer Beganović, these days worked hard on photo shooting works, while IT designer Jasna Bliznakovska is working on the online site Charlama  which will be in the digital collection. Inicjator and producer of the project is Jasmin Durakovic, film director and writer and president of the Center of cultural activities Charlama (CKA Charlama). The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, as well as by supporting the work of galleries by  Ministry of Culture and Sport Canton Sarajevo.


After the online start up  "Digital Collection Charlama", planned to take the opening and Charlama Shop inside the gallery andonline. Jasmin Durakovic says:


- The idea is that this gallery his work to a higher level, particularly in their public presentations. That's why we launched this project, but in the future we plan for some others and that will help Charlama to shoulder to shoulder with European galleries of this type.


Public presentation of the projects will be  in the middle  of February this year.


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