European art journey Jusuf Hadzifejzovic

DEPO Art 06.11.16, 23:45h

European art journey Jusuf Hadzifejzovic
Internationally-renowned contemporary BiH artist and art curator of the Gallery of Contemporary Art Charlama had during the month of October in Slovenia and Italy to its large European art journey. He presented his work at exhibitions in several European cities and centers of art, and successfully fixed a series of guest performances and exhibitions in the famous Sarajevo gallery Charlama

MARIBOR: October is for known contemporary artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina Jusuf Hadzfejzovic started exhibition and a performance in Maribor. There, assisted by artists from BiH Adela Jusic, had a performace-known Fear of drinking water in the exhibition MIG 21 at the Gallery Portal Kibla.



CELJE: In Celje Hadzifejzovic was a guest of the Art quarter, which bring together artists from this city. It was agreed that hosting these artists in Charlama, as well as a return exhibition of artists gathered around Charlama in Celje during 2017.  Maja Antoncic, curator of the Art Gallery Celje, invited  artist to  have residency there in spring 2017 years.


LJUBLJANA: In the Slovenian capital preparations are underway to organize a large exhibition of Yugoslav documents '89 at the Museum of Modern Art. Project lead director Zdenka Bodovinac and curator Bojana Piskur, while Hadzifejzovic, together with Sasa Bukvic and Radoslav Tadic, was a key figure for the launch of the largest art events in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina before the war. The project is designed as a showcase of the exhibition, and CKA Charlama will do its special event on the occasion of this exhibition, which is scheduled on April 2017. In addition, Hadzifejzovic visited Photo Gallery, which exhibited Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek and Gallery Minimal by Igor Andjelic.

Meeting with Simonetta Lux, the famous Italian art historian, currently editor of the newspaper Flux Lux and great friend and collaborator CKA Charlama.  Agreement on future cooperation and its re-arrival in Sarajevo. Hadzifejzovic in Rome agreed a deal - the internal arrangement of a famous restaurant.



CITA DI CASTELO: Visit to the famous Foundation Alberto Burri and meet with the President of the Foundation Bruno Cora. This year has just Jusuf Hadzifejzovic, as- with Braco Dimitrijevic, the only artist from this region, exhibited in the representative gallery of foundation with the world's leading contemporary artists, including such names as the Josef Kosuth, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Jannis Kounellis. The exhibition was held in the Palazzo Vitelli and Sant 'Egidi, Cotta di Castello, Perugia.
With Bruno Cora he agreed cooperation and  he, as a curator, will present four prestige European artist at the Gallery of Contemporary Art Charlama in May next year.


 MILAN: There is Hadzifejzovic with the editor for visual arts and poetry Spazio Umano Enrico Comi arranged presentation Yugoslavenskih documents in this cultural center as well as the overall Italian audience.

ZAGREB: On the way back to Bosnia Hadzifejzovic had a creative break in Zagreb and with famous Croatian contemporary artist Sven Stilinovic arranged promotion its monography  and performance In geometry of bloodthirstiness in Gallery of contemporary art  Charlama next year.

(DEPO Portal / BLIN Magazine / Photo / Kemal Hadzifejzovic)